On Demand.

Welcome to the first On Demand Learner Driver Insurance. It’s really simple: you only pay for the days you drive – not for the days you don’t.

This is how it works: you buy 3,7, 14 or 28 insured days and we give you up to 62 additional policy days to use them. You can even buy top-up days if you need more time.

So if you’re only able to practice at the weekends, or on a couple of evenings in the week, it’s ideal.

And with premiums from just £26.87 it’s an affordable and smart way to practice for your test.

Buy On Demand Learner Driver Insurance now. It’s designed for the benefit of learner drivers, and a great way of saving money if you’re not driving every day.

Everyday Learner.

Our Everyday Learner policy is designed for learner drivers who drive daily, or almost every day.

With our Everyday Learner policy, you’re insured to drive at any time the insured car and a supervisor are available.

Choose from six policies: 14 days; 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 months. You can renew your Everyday policy as many times as you want.

Premiums start from £50.40 for 14 days’ cover or £1.84 a day with our 5 month policy.

Both our Everyday and On Demand policies offer fully comprehensive cover and have excess options of £250 or £500. The policy also protects the car owner’s No Claims Bonus (NCB) should there be a fault accident when the learner is driving.


Do you own the car in which you’re learning to drive? Then this policy is for you.

All you need is a suitable supervisor (over the age of 30) to accompany you when you’re learning and you’re ready to start practicing.

Premiums start from £2.72 a day and you have a choice of three policies: 1, 2 and 3 months. You can renew the policy as often as you like until you pass your test.

Our Owner Learner policy is fully comprehensive and has a £500 excess.

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